government as Jesus

GodKingEditedin sunday school as adolescents we would often watch a church video about a man who goes into debt to purchase a cottage and some farm land. at first he is diligent and hardworking, knowing someday the creditor will be by for collection. as time goes by he grows lax, perhaps thinking that his day of reckoning will not come, or that perhaps his creditor will forgive him his debt, and he falls behind, failing to make his land fruitful.

the inevitable happens and one day the creditor knocks on his door, demanding payment. the time for preparation is past and the man simply cannot pay. he begs for mercy. the creditor demands justice. between the two of them they cannot achieve both. in enters a third party who has the personal resources to please justice, and the kindness to bail out the slothful one.

now imagine a firm (Bear Stearns, GM, there are many to choose from) that finds itself in trouble for one reason or another. it may not even be due to slothfulness, but simply an unwillingness of customers to buy their product. well they soon find themselves begging their creditors for mercy. “forgive us our debts, as we would surely forgive our debtors were we in your situation.” the creditors don’t budge, “what, would you have us rob justice?”

in comes the third party, government, who is so kind as to devote some personal resources, thus satisfying justice AND mercy.

quite benevolent of gov, is this not? W.W.Gov.D.?

there is one notable difference between the two saviors: one contributes His own resources resulting from blood, sweat, tears; the other kindly contributes others’ resources. luckily the charitable cause (merciful bailout) justifies any means, and thus the government’s means… right?


~ by mormonbastiard on July 1, 2009.

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