sold! to the highest bidder…

the hymnal of the L.D.S. Church contains a song/poem that i’m guessing supports the doctrine of the church. hymn 240 reads thus:

know this that every soul is free

to choose his life and what he’ll be1844_hymnal_cover

for this eternal truth is given

that God will force no man to heaven

He’ll call, persuade, direct aright

and bless with wisdom, love and light

in nameless ways be good and kind

but never force the human mind

freedom and reason make us men

take these away, what are we then?

mere animals, and just as well

the beasts may think of heaven and hell

may we no more our powers abuse

but ways of truth and goodness choose

our God is pleased when we improve

His grace and seek His perfect love

in light of this and the principal of paternalism i tell myself that the church lobbied for prop 8 not on a basis of legislating people’s agency away, but rather in an effort to protect their own.

the government, in brilliant fashion, uses and abuses its unique power by auctioning off the chance for one group to legally violate the rights of another group. i’m guessing that if gays win then they can use the gov to force the church into various accommodations. if the church wins, then… actually i don’t know what happens, i’m not familiar enough with the numerous laws of the land.

if what i tell myself is wrong, then i would wonder why the church still has such a hymn in the hymnal. but the bigger question (and crux of the matter) is why, for pete’s sake, is the gov involved in this matter? why do they dangle such powers we’ve afforded them? so that others may in turn use and abuse? maybe its a drug, we’ll call it soma, and they want us to experience the sensation. i’ve heard power can be intoxicating…

i once heard a historian’s claim that gov originated way back when a group of people, realizing their absolute advantage in the use of force, began to sell themselves. do they protect rights? or do they aid in violating them?


~ by mormonbastiard on June 30, 2009.

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