basket of rights

b14624a christian once claimed man  has certain unalienable rights, meaning no one can take them away. they’re his. hers too (can’t forget them, my sisters would kill me). this would also imply that these unalienable rights do not violate the unalienable rights of the next guy. and gal.

lately we as a world have taken up the sport of fishing for rights, kind of like we would fish for, well, fish. if you can figure out the right bait (healthcare = passionate topic), make it look and act like the real thing (it’s life or death), then cast it in front of a hungry fish (legislator)… BOOM. you’ve fed a man (yourself) for a lifetime.

our basket of rights is bulging. we have the right to free education, adequate healthcare, a living wage, a home with a white vinyl fence and digital television. above all, we now have the right to violate the unalienable rights of others.

i disagree with our efforts to imbue in ourselves God-given rights. correct me if i’m wrong, but neither Bush nor Obama is God. (turns out the nytimes just corrected me. the Big O really IS God. k, well can we ignore that for purposes of my weblog…) there can be no unalienable right that inherently violates those very same rights of another. the right to an education implies the violation of those who are required to produce in order to provide that “right” for the other. ask Adam and Eve, they agree with me. turns out after shaking his fist for hours towards the heavens demanding universal (we’re talking from the universe!) healthcare, Adam ended up having to fend for himself, by the sweat of his brow. unless of course he forced Eve into providing, citing his rights.

obviously R. Crusoe had every right to seek food, healthcare, even some education, but in no way does he have the right to exact it from others, against their will.

basketsGrowFasterrent-seeking is the means by which we gain by taking from others. no new wealth produced, simply transfered. rent, rather than profit. the gov is the enabler, making such transactions legal.

as Bastiat says, “The State is the great fiction by which everybody seeks to live at the expense of everybody else.” How is that possible? Someone must produce? Yup, and when they do the rent-seeking begins, as the enabler descends…


~ by mormonbastiard on June 27, 2009.

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