playing the game

mr. business is reaping the fruits of his labors. sweat and toil has translated into a product that others are willing to purchase. but mr. for what will he sell his soulbusiness is tired of the hard work, the innovating, the constant worry of maintaining efficiency. mr. business is enjoying a handsome profit margin, and so he knows the competitors will come. they’ll diminish that profit margin. they’ll try to serve the public by creating a better product at a cheaper price. mr. business doesn’t want to have to compete. flub.

how can mr. business keep competitors out? he doesn’t want to do anything illegal, but it would sure be nice to be able to grow complacent while maintaining a foothold in the market. if only he could convince someone else to do the dirty work for him… aha. he’ll ask the gov. you see, they enable such actions. matter of fact they’ve made it legal.

mr. business stays up late that night writing up some fancy barriers to entry, disguising them as regulations that “will serve and protect the consumer”. he figures such regulations will increase the cost of production, and that it will be harder for newcomers to deal with the added costs, thus discouraging would-be competitors. hmmm, it would be even better if he could simply be grandfathered in, cuz it wouldn’t be fair to retroactively require such regulations of him. mr. business awkwardly pats himself on the back for his selfless efforts to serve his consumers by protecting them from all sorts of malpractice that would arise were the industry to remain unregulated.


~ by mormonbastiard on May 3, 2009.

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