the enabler

legalized forceif you’re a business and you can’t get anyone to willingly exchange with you, aka give you money for your service/product, then you’re in a predicament. the only option is for one to give you money against their will, a result of coercion. but how is that possible for mr. business to take the money via force, without becoming a criminal? who can get away with that? who has monopoly power on the use of force?

the legislator has that power. gov, Big Brother, the benevolent politician, the hands that mold society with such foresight, hindsight, and wisdom, they are the stewards of such an allowance.

mr. business takes his petition to the legislature. “please do for me what I can’t otherwise do for myself. you see, I can’t afford to go to jail.” thus it happens. plunder has been legalized, it has been enabled.

the legislator tells himself it would be good for his constituents to be charitable, thus he makes the choice for them. he chooses the right. he gives in to the paternalistic tendency that comes with power over others.

GM, unable to convince enough people to exchange money for automobiles, resorts to another option, and seeks the enabler…


~ by mormonbastiard on May 2, 2009.

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